New British brand launches responsive design at London Design Week


Engineering dynamic designs that respond to human interaction, new design house Leda®is set to challenge the way we think about furnishing the home.

Unlike many furniture brands that begin with a pre-conceived idea of what a chair should look like and how an individual should behave; Leda® begins its design process with an analysis of the human body and mind, aiming to enhance the individual’s enjoyment of, and participation in; life.

In an interview with the creators, Philippe Galland ‘Leda® Visionary’ explains:

“It is our vision at Leda®, to challenge the way people think about a piece of furniture. We believe flexible spaces that adapt to the individual encourage living presently and effortlessly. Disruptive by nature, and with the celebration of individuality the driving heartbeat of our collective creativity, we are here to flex the boundaries of design and perception.”

‘Dynamism & Sensory Designer’ Allison Chatten goes on to reveal:

“Furniture is gradually moving from rigid, historic archetypes towards modularity and flexibility. Leda® radically extends this principle, rather than creating forms that human’s have to shape themselves to, Leda® designs literally change their form in response to the body; the definition of dynamism.”

The design house disrupts the market revealling the first of its creations ‘The Wing’ at London Design Fair in September.

Allison goes on to describe the inspiration behind the responsive design:

“Inspired by intricate structures found in nature’s own laboratory the Wing displays organic patterns proudly in its splayed corners and yet it is indisputably a creation of mankind. It carries a soft suppleness in its flexible form and the delicate lightness of it’s presence. It is this intriguing juxtaposition that we wanted to explore, as the human condition itself is full of contradictions.”

It’s clear that the true essence of this creation can only be revealed in person by engaging with the design, as ‘Leda® Guardian, Deviser & Storyteller’ explains:

“It’s dynamic design responds to the body in ways that no traditional seat could; for a wholly synesthetic experience.”