Space to breath with Serenity - New for Spring/Summer 2018


Harnessing the space to breathe trend, the Bazaar Group’s Summer/Spring 2018 collection offers an ingenious new take on outdoor furniture.

Inspired by the simplicity and tranquillity of nature the Serenity collection has been designed to inspire a re-connection with the great outdoors.

Without a shed or garage for storage through the seasons it can be difficult to make the most of your outdoor space. Icon have set it as their mission this Spring/ Summer to enable people to connect with themselves, the outdoors, and their loved ones however limiting their space.

Icon designer Allison Chatten explains:

“The Serenity collection is essentially a portable oasis, the ingenious fabric is both softly woven and water resistant, so can be used in the home all year round and taken outdoors when the sun decides to shine, it’s even stain repellent so it really is an exciting fabric technology.”

Icon has undertaken a body of research on the topic of well being and how people living in the city really feel. Having the space to connect with friends and family, space to relax and the ability to get fresh air and sunshine are essential factors to feeling well and content.

Philippe Galland, head of sales and marketing at Bazaar Group, said:

“Feeling well and content is the most important thing on this earth! We want to energise people by giving them the space to re-connect with friends, family and nature, and we won’t let a lack of outdoor space or storage get in the way of this essential human need, it’s something we are very passionate about. This furniture lives with you, moves with you, goes wherever you go, helping you to re-discover what it means to be human.”

The team at Icon design and make each item by hand, and in celebration of the launch of the new ‘Serenity collection’ they have purchased £200 worth of vouchers for one lucky winner to spend on a retreat away from the stresses and strains of city life. Entry details can be found here.

The star of the collection is the Serenity Connecting Cushions, which can be used on their own, or as modular, adaptable informal floor seating or on eco pallet seating. Easy to connect and separate with a zip hidden by the overhanging seam, the colours can be mixed and matched to create an eclectic bohemian look.

The cushions have just the right balance of firmness, holding their shape while also offering comfort. But they really come into their own when joined up. For example, connecting two cushions together and leaned against a wall creates a simple seat with a back-rest, while fitting eight or ten together makes for a cosy, low level sofa.

The Serenity Lounger lives up to its name, a laid-back seat with its soft-fill designed to mould to the body’s form. Perfect for reading, sunbathing or simply informal chats inside or out with friends.

The Eclipse Stool is strong, stable but surprisingly light.  Perfect as an extra seating option, its unobtrusive size is easy to take from room to room. When placed alongside the connecting cushions or Serenity Lounger, it’s also at the perfect height to be used as a side-table for books, tablets or refreshments.

The collection is made from water and stain repellent fabrics that are soft and pleasant to the touch with a quality weave.