Launched in 2005 Bazaar Group was born when owner and creative director Jayne Dolder recognised an opportunity to re-invent the humble beanbag and began designing contemporary soft seating for her friends and family. Since, we have been leading innovation in the soft seating category for the last 13 years, driven by our love of product design.

Jayne’s entrepreneurial spirit remains embedded in the business as we have become experts in intuitively recognising opportunities to enhance the experience of living through innovative design concepts.

This experiential approach originates in a process that considers space, place, occasion and people first and foremost. This innovation process never falters.


  • 5% of UK households own at least one of our products. 

  • In 2015, Bazaar Group moved into its third manufacturing and commercial premises – seventeen times the size of the original at 42,000 sq ft.

  • Our workforce doubles every 5 years.

  • We work with design talent across the UK, including leading interior architects, 3D product designers, upholsterers and award-winning students from a range of universities including the Royal College of Art and Edinburgh College of Art.

  • We typically process orders and turn around to dispatch in as little as 3 hours.